Published on: 8 Apr 2024
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We are looking forward to your visit, you will be enchanted

An area untouched by time, villages beyond time, a historical-artistic heritage among the oldest and most prestigious in Italy, the green landscape that embraces the visitor with its intense tones, the typical food of Umbria, a food and wine tradition in the spirit of quality and flavour.

Staying in Umbria or spending your holidays there is to discover the green heart of Italy par excellence: a unique experience, to be repeated at the first opportunity.

An area rich in delicacies and quality products

Every area of Umbria holds its own surprises in terms of food and wine.

A triumph of products and flavours. Recipes and dishes from the past. A never-ending delight for the palate.

Bountiful in nature, Umbria offers many traditional products to taste. From the white truffle of Città di Castello to the oil of Campello sul Clitunno, Montefalco red wine to Orvieto white wine, Valnerina porcini mushrooms to Città della Pieve saffron, Castelluccio lentils to Lake Trasimeno beans, Norcia cured meats to Cannarra onions, Trevi black celery to Colfiorito red potatoes, Strettura bread to Chianina beef, and Monteleone di Spoleto spelt to Assisi pecorino cheese.

Typical Umbrian food: a journey within a journey

These are the ingredients of rural tradition, which today still make the flavours of Umbrian cuisine unique and special: authentic, simple, healthy.
Typical Umbrian food is second to none. Even in the names of the dishes, evocative and sometimes full of magic: arvoltolo, ciaramicola, friccò all’eugubina, crescionda, torta al testo, torcolo, torta al formaggio, brustengolo, ciriole, parmigiana di gobbi, impastoiata, rocciata, palomba alla ghiotta, galantina, strangozzi, umbricelli, farrecchiata di roveja, brosega, cicotto, mazzafegato.

Each city has its own unique specialities, each dish has variations and adaptations from one part of the region to another.
Your stay to discover typical Umbrian food will be an overwhelming series of sensations and discoveries.

You will be overwhelmed by healthy enthusiasm and a sincere desire to return

So if you would like to spend your time in the wonderful Italian “middle earth”, discovering the typical food of Umbria, its artistic and architectural treasures, and the important cultural events that are held there throughout the year, book your stay now at the Hotel Priori Secret Garden. All it takes is one click.

From the heart of the heart, Perugia, one of Italy’s most beautiful cities of art, you can easily reach all your destinations. As well as enjoying its rich cultural and historical-artistic offerings: from the National Gallery of Umbria to the Basilica of St. Peter’s, from the Collegio della Mercanzia and the Collegio del Cambio to the National Archaeological Museum, from the exhibitions of Palazzo Baldeschi to the plaster cast gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts.

You can request information by sending an email to or by sending a WhatsApp message to: +39 3313818328

Fifty rooms, a secret garden among the rooftops of Perugia, a large private covered car park, a gym, a bistro: discover all the unique features of our hotel:

For any other interesting facts about our area, remember to visit the Umbria Region’s official website:

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