A treasure chest of Perugian heritage just a few steps from the Priori Secret Garden, your hotel in Perugia.

The National Gallery of Umbria

Published on: 8 Apr 2024
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Perugia is a city of Romanesque churches, Gothic cathedrals, basilicas and ancient palaces that testify to the great artistic production of an extraordinary city, birthplace of immortal masterpieces, and among many of the city’s great prides, undisputed witness to such beauty, is the National Gallery of Umbria, a museum that gathers some of Italy’s finest pieces of international standing and interest, that stand as cornerstones of an unforgettable journey through the artistic, cultural and anthropological history of Umbria and Italy as a whole.

The prestige of the collection is further enhanced and revitalised today by a major exhibition, recently opened, with the evocative title

Il meglio maestro d’Italia. Perugino nel suo tempo

The exhibition curated by Marco Pierini, director of the National Gallery of Umbria, and Veruska Picchiarelli, curator of the Perugian Museum, will run from 4 March to 11 June 2023.

And, the Priori Secret Garden hotel, with its rooms overlooking Perugia and its garage, less than 100 metres from the prestigious gallery, will be the best option for you to discover Perugia and visit this magnificent new exhibition.

A sublime and at times transcendental experience is what you will experience, immersed in the silence of the mostra del Perugino e il suo tempo exhibition, where the only noise you will hear will be that of your footsteps and your own breathing, which will harmonise with the vision of the most beautiful masterpieces by one of the absolute masters of the Renaissance.

Pietro Vannucci, known as Pietro Perugino, il Perugino or the “divin pittore”, was a highly refined painter, an artist with a clear, lucid and undeniably extraordinary vision.

Maestro of Raphael Sanzio and best known to most as the creator of an important fresco of the Sistine Chapel, Perugino knew how to interpret reality & dress it up with light, shadows, colour and most of all authenticity, qualities that even today make his works loaded with meaning and incredibly contemporary.


On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death, the undisputed talent of Pietro Vannucci, whose name has gone down in history with the epithet “Italy’s best maestro”, is thus celebrated thanks to an exciting scientific partnership that places the exhibition at the centre of the anniversary celebrations, coordinated by a National Committee, set up by the Ministry of Culture and chaired by Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, which will involve some of the most important national and international museums, including the Uffizi Galleries and the National Gallery in Washington.

Plan your visit to the exhibition: https://gallerianazionaledellumbria.it/impara/

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