Flavours and colours of Umbria

Eating like a local in Umbria, between charmed landscapes, excellent food and wine experiences and a unique historical and artistic heritage.

Waiting for You to be charmed.

An utterly unspoilt landscape with its breath-taking sunset.

One of the most prestigious, ancient, historical and artistic heritage of Italy, an overwhelming greenery that surrounds and embraces the visitor, with its intense colours and local, traditional Umbrian food, the flagship of our land.

Spending your holidays in Umbria will lead you to discover the precious black diamond embedded in the green heart of Italy.

Foodies Goodies around every corner.

Smell stupor and food&wine enthusiasm.

You will be able, at last, to stray yourself in the Norcia Black Truffle smell, in the soft and fragrant Torta al Testo, in the succulent opulence of the thistles cooked in the Perugia style, in the opulent Friccò cooked in the Gubbio style.

Extra virgin olive oil from Trevi, Sagrantino wine from Montefalco, porcini mushrooms from Valnerina, are the precious ingredients of our traditional recipes, that make the flavours of the Umbrian food inimitable.

Umbrian food is a journey within a journey.

Cheese tart, white truffles tagliatelle, Castelluccio lentils, Pietralunga potatoes, Saffron, Chocolate and the Saint Costanzo Torcolo from Perugia.

Every city is a real forge of culinary charm; every corner in Umbria claims its own authenticity and states a real passion in cooking and creating every single dish.

Your food and wine experiential holiday in Umbria will overwhelm you with intense smells and genuine tastes, in the enchanting frame of a land, unique in every single detail and rich in culinary traditions.

Get ready to be swept away by a healthy enthusiasm and a sincere desire to come back and visit us.

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